NEW! KVM support in SolusVM – Free beta trials available

SolusVM have added KVM support in their latest release (1.3.00 released on Monday) We’re putting packages together at the moment and we should be ready to offer SolusVM/KVM free trials shortly.

Improvements over the current KVM control panel include:

– API for basic stuff such as reboots, power off’s etc.
– Cleaner, easier to use interface
– Traffic, load and memory logs
– Backup manager (Backups from £5 per month)
– Console built into your control panel (for when you don’t have access to your smartphone, desktop or laptop 😉 )

Eventually, all KVMs will be migrated to the new platform to be managed under SolusVM.

If you want a free beta trial account to play about with get in touch here, or sign up online

Beta testing ends May 1st 2011. Any questions, let us know.

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