Update (16/09/11)We are now 100% IPv6 ready!

We are frequently asked “When will you support IPv6?” and “What do I need to do about IPv6?” so to answer:

“We should be 100% IPv6 ready by the end of the summer – we’re mainly waiting for upstream providers to roll out their IPv6 implementations”

Why are we moving to IPv6?

  • IPv4 address space will be all be used up soon (probably by the end of this year).
  • It’s more secure. IPsec is fully integrated for packet encryption and sender authentication.
  • Multicast is now a requirement – unlike IPv4 where multicast is optional and not all devices support it.
  • Stateless automatic configuration allows the node to splice it’s MAC address and a router prefix to get it’s own address; effectively meaning DHCP is not needed as much with IPv6 (it is still useful in some situations)
  • No NAT. With around 5×1028 addresses for each person on the planet available there is no need for sharing any more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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  1. Geoff Jones says:

    Any news on when this is happening?

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