Make the most of your free backup space

In this post we’ll go through making the most of our backup space products. If you have a VPS with us then you will already have 1GB of free backup space to use. We also sell them separately in 10GB, 20GB, 50GB and 100GB packages (and we’re offering 50% off when bought with any VPS throughout May)

It’s up to you what you choose to backup, just enter the path to the directory that you want backing up in place of my-directory in the example below. You will get your backup space login details when you purchase your backup package.

In the following steps I will show you how to setup a basic backup with our backup system:

1. Setup the key based SSH authentication

The first thing to do is to setup the key-based SSH authentication, so that the two systems can connect to each other securely without password prompts:

ssh keygen -t rsa -N ''

(thats a pair of single quotes at the end)

Next we need to copy the public key over to the backup server:

scp ~/.ssh/ backup-user@backup-server:keys/backup-dir


ssh backup-user@backup-server mergekeys

2. Backup your stuff

Once the key is uploaded to the backup server, you can run the following command in order to sync a directory with the remote server:

rsync -avz -e ssh /my-local-directory backup-user@backup-server:backup-dir

You will get your server details (hostname, username etc.) for the backup server once you have activated your backup package.

Of course you can take this further by adding this to your crontab to schedule a daily backup for example.

50% off all backup space products in May when bought with any VPS
Throughout May we will be offering 50% discount on all backup packages when bought with any VPS, so why not take advantage of this huge discount to get your backup space sorted out? Our backup packages are stored off-site, fully compatible with cPanel and Rsync and come with FTP and SSH access.

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