Testing WordPress: the importance of PHP opcode cache

Today we’re doing things slightly differently with a guest post by Peter (, one of our customers. Peter is the developer of WP-FFPC – a WordPress caching plugin. The why-s There were some discussions lately at LinkedIn mostly on the … Continue reading

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Make the most of your free backup space

In this post we’ll go through making the most of our backup space products. If you have a VPS with us then you will already have 1GB of free backup space to use. We also sell them separately in 10GB, … Continue reading

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How to set up a Minecraft server on Linux

I’ve been playing Minecraft for a couple of months. It’s a fantastic sandbox game but if you want to play with other people and keep your own persistent world, you’ll need to setup your own server.

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How to setup VNC over SSH on Ubuntu server

Want an alternative to SSH or just fancy a change? No worries – here’s a quick guide I’ve put together to setup a VNC server on your Ubuntu server and connect through an SSH tunnel: 1. SSH to your box … Continue reading

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Check your server for rootkits with rkhunter

I was just adding this to the KB and I thought it would make a useful blog post. So here goes: 1. Download the source file from the website wget -q 2. Untar the archive tar -zxvf rkhunter-1.3.8.tar.gz 3. … Continue reading

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